My First Frolick into Vintage

by Rong Xin Choy

I peeked into my old laptop today and pulled out a bunch of 18-year-old-me pictures. These were all the first vintage outfits I had thrown together after collecting a few pieces from a vendor in Singapore. They appear to be from Japan. 

I love how I layered the orange backless bandage dress with the mesh. I don't even wear orange now! Maybe I should try more colour in my wardrobe again..

The second dress was incredible with its intense graphic print and stiff crepe texture. It  also has two panels on the back, creating a tent/wing like shape. I gave the dress to my mum (too long for me back then...)!

Tiered ruffles were not in fashion at the time, but I wore this dress proudly anyway. It would completely work right now, except I can't remember where I've placed it..

Please forgive the embarrassing shades. We were all young once!