Fountain of Trevi

by Rong Xin Choy

J broke out into a massive 41 degree fever on Day 3 so we didn't get out too much. The following day however, since he was feeling better, we visited the Fountain of Trevi at about 7am before heading to the Vatican City. We were there so early the Fountain hadn't started yet!

I was feeling a little fancy so I wore the studded Zara leather jacket that I had dreamed about for months (which I finally picked up in the Zara year-end sale). I thought if there was a day this jacket would fit right in, it would be next to all the gold-gilded statues at the Vatican City (I assumed everything was going to be gaudy and if not gold then bejeweled!). 

Zara Studded Leather Jacket, Vintage Maxi Dress, Zara Embroidered Velvet Smoking Slippers.

Ahhh.. I never thought it was possible to love something so much. Just look at the metal detail on this jacket, especially the studs on collar and down the arms. They look like tiny fireworks against a dark leather sky. HAHAHAHAHA. The studs even follow the outline of the zips on the end of the sleeves. 

Okay enough about the jacket. Trevi Fountain was massive, impressive and beautiful. I loved that it squeezed an involuntary gasp out of me when I looked up into the gigantic structure. After the initial impression, I entertained the thought of swimming in it in the summer. Wouldn't that be grand? Lounging around on a blow-up donut float with a blueberry mojito in hand and getting a whole lot of awesome pictures before getting chased out (and probably banned for life). I wonder if it's considered bad luck to take a dip.