Vintage Midi Dress

by Rong Xin Choy

The Silk-Handkerchief-Motif-Print has been quite popular lately and I can't say I'm not a fan. I love intricate patterns and even more so when they are thoughtfully or strategically placed. It shows the designer had some foresight when working with the material, its print pattern, and the design. I can't stress the importance of unifying print with pattern! I tried on a Zara jumpsuit (pictured below) the other day which had a stunning print pattern, but the lines didn't follow the design and it looked messy. Their stock photo looks way better than the actual outfit, but even so the pattern is haphazard. Not one of their better pieces!

Zara Paisley Jumpsuit

Zara Paisley Jumpsuit

An example of combining fabric pattern and design is this vintage dress I found. It has a contrasting border at the edge of the fabric, and been placed to create detail around the neck and back of the dress. Its perfect midi length balances out the open back, making it causal enough for a hot summer afternoon. Hope everybody is enjoying the heat!

Vintage Dress and Topshop Honolulu Tan Flats