Cockatoo Island

by Rong Xin Choy

Sydney's 18th Biennale, a massive art festival held on Cockatoo Island, was incredible. The pieces there were quite different this year- there were less open-air pieces, mostly hidden in the buildings around the island, and a lot of interactive pieces. I'll post pictures about the pieces when I get the chance. We spent a large amount of time enjoying the island itself in its aging grandeur- the paint-peeled buildings and rusty cranes, the decaying wooden benches and beams, not forgetting the concrete floor in all its polka-dotted bird-pooped glory. 

If you wondered, for a moment, what the white squiggly lines behind me were in the last picture.. it's the outline of insect genitalia. This exhibit was a full collection of large scale sculpted reproductions of insects, plants and other small creature's genitals. Ha.