Overdue Outfit Post

by Rong Xin Choy

A couple of weeks back I headed to the Eveleigh Markets with J and his film camera, and he snapped a few photos of me making friends with the neighborhood cat (what a charmer), as well as the awesome structures at Carriageworks. Quite the perfect way to spend a Saturday with blue sky, sunshine and camera-shy company.

On me: Cropped Blazer from Zara, Checkered Maxi from Fairground, vintage leather bag and Slim fit Havianas. On him: Denim Bomber from Lee's, Jeans from Acne, Boots from Clarks.

The missing wooden plank reminds me of one of the two the music videos accompanying the song I Will Follow You into The Dark by Death Cab for Cutie, which is possibly the sweetest modern love song written. This one has bunnies, this one has the hole in the ground. 

If heaven and hell decide that they both are satisfied, and illuminate the "NO"s on their vacancy signs- If there's no one beside you when you soul embarks, I will follow you into the dark.