Watercolour Wedding Invite

by Rong Xin Choy

I am excited to document a project that I have been working on for a lovely couple living in New Zealand! Click to watch the teaser video I sent them when everything was printed and ready to be shipped. (My favourite part is how all the circles line up at the end!)

So let's start from the beginning! 

Early this year I embarked on the task of creating a reusable motif for the wedding, one that I could modify slightly each time the purpose/product changed, while keeping the essential look and feel. I wanted to conceptualise something natural and rustic, in line with New Zealand's reputation for the great outdoors. I also knew the bride-to-be as an elegant and ethereal individual (she would have been a perfect LOTR elf had she not missed the auditions) and so I started with illustrating laurels and various fauna. I also knew she grew up in a peach-growing town, so I experimented with these elements.

After a few rounds of discussion, when I proposed the drawing of golden wheat with a watery underlay, Honor loved it!  

I tweaked the final concept by illustrating tussock grass instead of wheat, a plant native to the area where the wedding was to be held.

There were several products I needed to work on:

  1. "Save the Date" pdf invite 
  2. Official Invite  
  3. Information Cards (to go with main invite)

This is what I love about custom illustration and design, especially in weddings! You get to be part of someone else's experience, helping to shape the atmosphere around the event and create beautiful memories. You are given the privilege of making someone feel special when the design is tailored and personal to them.

Golden Wheat on the Left, Tussock Grass on the Right (and playing around with the layout)

Golden Wheat on the Left, Tussock Grass on the Right (and playing around with the layout)

After Honor selected one of the three tussock grass designs, the 'Save the Date' was sent out in May. 

Next came the main invites. As I was playing around with the Save The Date design we had agreed on, I realised that it would be a bit of a waste to only use one of the illustrations (if you look closely, I have three up there!) So I decided to incorporate the other two into the main invite.  I quite liked the idea of two halves of a whole (lol), using the symbolism of spheres, so I kept the circle concept we had started with . Next, between a portrait and landscape orientation, we decided that more balance was found in a landscape orientation.  I enjoyed the creative possibilities of warping text along the circles, but went for a traditional line across the bottom in the end to preserve some formality. (You can see how the design evolved as I played around with the different elements of the invite.) 

After much tweaking, the final design was approved by Honor below!

Back of the card

Back of the card

Front of the card

Front of the card

A print preview from a website I considered using to print!

Sometimes as a freelance artist I have difficulty sourcing for materials. If the local art and craft store doesn't have it and I have a short timeframe to complete the project (so I can't order it off the the internet.. ) then I find myself extremely limited. Fortunately, I found a shade of sage for the envelopes, which worked with the colours perfectly! After cutting out some 90 envelope liners from 14 stunning sheets of Italian wrapping paper (while using up 6 glue sticks), I was ready to package and ship everything off to New Zealand! 

I'll update when I'm finished with the menus and other things for the wedding ;)

Final conceptualisation of the invites before printing.