What Do You Get When A Hippo Meets a T-Rex?

by Rong Xin Choy

It was my pleasure and privilege to help one of my childhood best friends with wedding invites for her up-coming nuptials in October. She gave me free rein over the concept but I knew where I was headed from the start- something unique, quirky and fun- just like her. 

I thought I would document the process for myself. The first photo shows the sketches of the initial idea, and the second one is the first complete draft. (Signo 0.28 on Water Colour Paper)

After getting the go-ahead from the happy couple on the layout and theme, I decided to improve the animal drawings and give them a little character. I played with the shape of the dinosaur head and legs, giving him a little formal bib (black tie event, of course) and the hippo, a little bow on the ear to look a little more feminine and adorable.

After finalising the characters, I started on the font and wording on the card. I decided to handwrite all the text as it was necessary to have a more organic feel to the card- a font would have been too rigid. I photographed each set of letters and photoshopped them as layers into the final product. 

The completed PDF was sent to The Gentlemen's Press for letterpress printing (I have an unhealthy obsession with letterpress- I wrote about a class I took here!) and here's Alex holding the final product!

Conceptualising a two-sided print option.. 

Conceptualising a two-sided print option.. 


I was so glad that the couple liked my design and everything was done and settled in a speedy 2 weeks! If you were wondering why a hippo and a t-rex, there's story behind that- Candy loves hippos. Specifically purple ones. And Alex, L-ex ,T-rex... All quite a natural progression, really. 

Photo Credits: The Gentlemen's Press

Photo Credits: The Gentlemen's Press

Congratulations again Candy baby xx Sending all my love- glad I was able to be a little part of your special celebration!