Have You Met Miss Jones?

by Rong Xin Choy

I apologize for my lack of updates, but I've been pretty caught up with school and assignments. They are making me sad. But I always get cheered up by little quirky things in my house (thus the forever search of adding to curious collection I have) and I'd thought I'd introduce you all to my cat vase.

Ahhh. My cat vase always makes me smile. I picked him up at a pottery sample sale by Have You Met Miss Jones where I believe he was produced as a watering jug, and I brought his rabbit friend back to hold my pens and paint brushes. I believe he was supposed to be a candleholder or planter.  

There are so many reasons why I fell in love HYMMJ.. the crisp, clean white matte porcelain is contrasted with such intricate textures and details.. the adorable slant of the bunny's bowed head is complimented with perfectly formed ears.. the surprised expression on the cat's face with it's mouth doubling as a water-hole... Oh HYMMJ I would buy all your things if I had a permanent home here!

If you weren't quite sold yet, I will show you the last piece of art that I own from them: A bunny night light. He keeps the monsters at bay with his brave glowing heart. 

Check them out if you have time- the critters they have there are definitely worth the trouble. x