Mass Culture

by Rong Xin Choy

So it's another day in Winter School Equity, which really means I find myself speculating the other paths I can take to make my art dream come true. I was looking  through my past works when I found this picture from my IB days. I thought this one was particularly funny when I made it. I drew the towers/temples on each box with a red sharpie and if you look closely you can tell it isn't quite identical. I also painted the ridiculous hairline on the babies. It was a commentary on mass produced culture with references to China and its conveyor-belt, (inferior?) factory process. I construed it in a couple of ways, but most distinctly; Exporting an clichéd image of Americanized Asian culture (chinese take out boxes were actually designed by Frederick Weeks Wilcox, who patented what he called a “paper pail". You can read more here about the oyster pail) where there is an impression all asians have identical qualities and are recognized more as a race than as individuals. Something along those lines..

Anyway. Back to evaluating potential purpose trusts for unincorporated non-charitable organizations on this lovely Tuesday afternoon.