An Extract

by Rong Xin Choy

She paused. Her eyes dimmed.  

"You'll fall in love,"  She replied, finally.

"Under the right moonlight, 
with the right person.

They will laugh at your jokes,
at the right moment.

And genuinely find them-

They will tell you, 
You look good, tonight.

And you will reply, 
This old thing
 (Despite having spent
 the greater part of the afternoon
 in some sort of panic.) 


You'll fall in love.  

They will tell you, shyly.  
Directly, or in passing-  

How you are the best thing
to ever happen to them. 

And they would mean it.  

They would mean it,  
whether you felt it was true-
Or not?  


But just by sitting there,
inches away,
they made the world-

A little safer.  

A little less scary. 

A little less daunting.  

A little more.. 



Just by holding your hand, 
from across the table-

They stilled the storm- 
that you didn't even know-
raged inside your beating heart.


So when they look at you,
with eyes that say-  

You Are Their Everything.  

You'll fall in love."


She pulled her cardigan around her instinctively, as if she had revealed the bareness of her soul in her words, and stared into her coffee mug. She didn't dare tell him the reverse was true too. He would learn.