DIY Fairy Lights Banner

by Rong Xin Choy

I love fairy lights. They are magical and create such a dizzy glow across the room. I've a modest string of ten glass ones across my wall, but if I had it my way I would have hundreds of them dangling across the ceiling of my loft..

Anyhow, I decided to do a DIY fairy light banner in light ;) of the up coming festive season! If you don't have fairy lights (or want to mix it up a little), try making these colorful paper ones to decorate the place.


To make these fairy lights you will need: 

x1 Permanent Ink Marker (Sharpie recommended!)

x1 Sheet of Cardstock 

x1 Transparency Film or any thin plastic sheets

x1m Postal Twine or String

Washi Tape (Optional)

Let's start by creating the bulb holders of each light. Segment out the paper into dimensions of about 4 x 6 cm with a ruler. Cut them up, chop off the top two corners of each piece and outline the edges with the marker. Thick straight black lines work best.

Great! Let's start making the bulbs. It requires a little freehand drawing, but it isn't too difficult. Draw circles but leave a little gap a the bottom. Try to keep the diameter about 8cm. Draw a line to the middle on the ends of the circles and create a filament with squiggles. 

Cut the bulbs out in a tear-drop fashion, keeping a generous triangle of film at the end of circle lines (but at the top of the whole bulb). We're going to secure it to the holders we've just made with some double-sided tape.

Taaadaaaa! You've got a set of six lovely lights, double-threaded with twine, ready for hanging!

Another thing that makes DIY fairy lights so special is how you can customize words within the filaments. Just like this!

I used washi tape to give the bulbs a bit of spunk, and replaced the squiggly lines with "Happy Holidays"! You could add virtually any words you wanted, making this banner easily personalized! This was the first one I ever made, where I drew the holders. It says "Happy 22nd Birthday Jay".


Hope you've enjoyed the tutorial! Go forth and decorate!