by Rong Xin Choy

I have a confession. I am highly judgmental of companies who borrow a cultural identity unrelated to them. For example, I almost instantly dislike any company who is not japanese in any fashion but borrows from the culture to name their goods. However, now and then you come across something which makes you overlook that little pet peeve for the time being and makes you consider partaking in their offerings..

Loving the monochrome screen-printed glass bottles of Eau De Parfums which may be purchased here.

I really am quite partial to botanical and animal vintage prints, and love how they've playfully made use of the magnifying effect of glass bottles to add to the aesthetic appeal of their shower gels and soaps. I'm not completely sold yet... (That Eiffel tower icon on the sticker puts me off, yes, I am actually that critical) but Tokyomilk has got me curious about their scents (with their visuals), and I will report back when I've smelt and seen them in person!