The Easiest Card You'll Ever Make.

by Rong Xin Choy

I have a new-found obsession with stamps and am going to show you how amazing they can be. I promise this is going to be easier than a walk in the park. 

Things you'll need:

Your choice of card stock, ink pad, two different stamps and a round-edge paper cutter (my absolute favorite, I cannot live without it)

I've chosen a black card with white Versacraft ink, and used two botanical stamps from Norajane which can be purchased as Queens Anne's Lace here and Shade Plant here.

  1. I start with the Queen Anne's Lace on the front of the card, starting from the top left corner. Make rows while leaving reasonably large and consistent gaps between them. 
  2. Now take your other stamp, and fill in the alternate spaces across the whole paper.
  3. Finally, take your round-edge cutter and trim those edges.
  4. Enjoy your hand-stamped card and become addicted to making variations of them!

Wasn't that easier than a microwave dinner?