Robert Josiah Bingaman

by Rong Xin Choy

The following images are by artist Robert Josiah Bingaman in his series, The Race. He's described it with the following quote:

It is difficult to imagine the depths of despair into which those can be driven who, even after the end of the working day, are engrossed in their intricate designs and who are pursued, into their dreams, by the feeling they've got hold of the wrong thread.

W.G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn

Maybe it's a phase in my life where I am beginning to be horribly jaded by the future and reality- the rat race that I'm about to be injected into when I finish university- but these paintings really speak to me. The palette of colors are incredible- the somber, broody skies and shadows, the use of nature juxtaposed with built human structures- they work together to create a vivid mindscape of every person trapped in this cycle. Intense, amazing work. 

This is how I imagine these paintings have been scripted: The skies begin to darken as the white-collared worker clocks his or her hours past the prescript 5pm end. Nobody leaves on time or early-there's always somebody who's waiting for you to burn out so they can take your place. With the background streaked with bits of color as the sun has already set, the worker arrives at home to find some rest and solace. Home is safe, illuminated, colorful, peaceful, and familiar. Floor tiles, although appearing ordinary to strangers, have immense nostalgia and beauty to the worker- these tiles, solid beneath their feet, lead to where the house is built. Walking on these familiar tiles mean that they are home- where there is companionship, innocence and love. Even a simple, wooden front porch glows with warmth and intimate detail.

If there's such beauty coming home after a long day, it seems there's hope yet.

All pictures in this post are intellectual property of Robert Josiah Bingaman.